Trainers & Professionals

The Bell Mechanics Course +Trainer Certification, is specifically designed for professionals like you who recognize that not everyone can be trained in the same way.

We believe in using principles that support anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics to tailor training programs that best suit each unique client.

Join us in this course to dive deeper into the art and science of movement, and unlock a whole new level of precision and effectiveness in your training practice.

**Approved for CEUs with NSCA, NASM & ACE

Bell Mechanics Course

Empowerment Through Education

  • Kettlebell
    Beginners & Athletes

    • Feel empowered & confident in your body, your kettlebell skills & your knowledge of both.

    • Learn the step-by-step cues behind each of the basic kettlebell exercises (deadlift, clean, press, swing, Turkish Get Up, snatch, etc).

    • Gain the ability to self-assess & correct common kettlebell mistakes.

    • Move pain-free with kettlebells using your knowledge of tailored exercise progressions & regressions.

    • Nerd out on the 'behind the scenes' anatomy, physiology & biomechanics of kettlebell exercises.
  • Trainers
    & Professionals

    • Analyze movement and exercise from the lens of anatomy, physiology & biomechanics.

    • Identify the root cause of common movement limitations specific to kettlebell exercises.

    • Progress kettlebell exercises and programs from start to finish.

    • Create unique tailored programs that meet the specific needs of each of your clients.

    • Gain the tools to improve your clients’ movement efficiency with kettlebells and grow your business.

    • Earn CEU credits (NASM, ACE & NSCA) with the Bell Mechanics Trainer Certification.

Bell Mechanics Course
Pricing Schedule

Course Options:

  • Online Only
  • Online +Trainer Certification: April 12-14, 2024 (NYC)

  • Early Bird Pricing: Now until January 6th
    Standard Pricing: January 7th - 10th
    Late Pricing: After January 10th

    • Early Bird (Online Only):
      $324/mo x 3 months ($972 total)

    • Standard (Online Only):
      $362/mo x 3 months ($1,085 total)

    • Late (Online Only):
      $399/mo x 3 months ($1,197 total)

    • Early Bird (Online +NYC Trainer Certification):
      $475/mo x 3 months ($1,425 total)

    • Standard (Online +NYC Trainer Certification):
      $492/mo x 3 months ($1,475 total)

    • Late (Online +NYC Trainer Certification):
      $508/mo x 3 months ($1,525 total)

    Accreditation & Affiliates

    The Bell Mechanics Course offers CEUs for NASM, NSCA & ACE!