Attention all fitness enthusiasts & trainers!

Discover the secrets behind breathing techniques that can supercharge your lifts and transform your clients' results.

Whether you are a seasoned lifter or just starting your fitness journey, this webinar will equip you to understanding how breathing & pressure management can enhance your lifts.

LIVE Webinar takes place

Thursday, August 24th @ 2p (EST)

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Expect to:

  • Learn the best breathing strategy for your body, allowing you to maximize your strength and/or endurance.

  • Understand when to breathe for specific goals (reps. vs. max lift)

  • Determine which breathing strategy is most suitable for your clients, helping them achieve their fitness goals in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Understand essential cues and technique for a smooth set up and execution.

  • Learn which muscles should be activated and what to look for in a safe deadlift.

  • Explore how to approach special populations, such as elderly individuals or those with pre-existing conditions, ensuring their safety while still reaping the benefits of weightlifting.

Webinar will be recorded & available after the LIVE call!

Everyone who signs up for the Breathing Strategies for Lifting Webinar will receive a special offer for the upcoming Bell Mechanics Course (formerly KB Foundations) & KB Programming for Professionals Course in September.

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