Are you a Coach who works with Kettlebells?

...or someone who wants to improve your technique & coaching cues?

Then you will want to watch my webinar to learn ALL the things! I am going to teach you the vital components to mastering a KB Snatch: reviewing the biomechanical breakdown (slow-mo) and give you a simple, step by step approach to teach ANYONE how to Snatch. We will then review case studies, troubleshooting common mistakes such as "KB slamming on wrist" & "KB casting too far away". Don't worry if you are not a coach - you are welcome & will also benefit!

This is how is works:

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This Webinar is going to cover the following:

  • Detailed review of the two major components of a Snatch

  • Thorough visual breakdown (slow-mo) of the Snatch

  • Step by Step approach to coach anyone how to Snatch

  • Troubleshoot common mistakes: wrist slamming, casting too far away…etc

Let me introduce myself

Hi! My name is Samantha. I have 9+ years of kettlebell experience, worked with some of the best instructors and traveled the world teaching certifications to other coaches. As a Physician Assistant, CSCS, SFG II & RKC, I have a wealth of knowledge I want to share with you!


  • Is the Webinar LIVE?

    Nope, It's recorded so you can watch on your free time!

  • Does it expire?

    Nope! You have unlimited access.

  • How long is the Webinar?

    It's a 75 minute-ish presentation!

  • How many times can I watch the Webinar?

    Unlimited! No expiration date.

  • How is this different than your Snatch Tutorial?

    This webinar is focused for coaches who want to learn how to coach & troubleshoot the snatch! The tutorial is a guide/program for you to get your first snatch - they compliment each other!

  • Is this something I would learn in your KB Foundations Course?

    Yes! I want to give you a taste of how the course is run and maybe you'll join me for the next cohort!!

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