KB Clean Tutorial

Learn how to Clean in a pain free, non-wrist slamming type of way!

Upgrade your Cleans!

Get ready to solve your KB Clean problems

Tired of arm bruising, KB wrist slamming, elbow jerking, and KB casting too far away? Me too, I’m tired of seeing this! My tutorial is made for coaches and their clients to learn how to breakdown the clean step by step. You will also learn how to point out, troubleshoot & fix common issues!

14 Day KB Clean Tutorial at your fingertips!

Tutorial Outline

  • 1

    KB Clean Tutorial

    • Day 1 - Why should we KB Clean?

    • Day 2 - Breakdown of the KB Clean (Dead vs. Swing)

    • Day 3 - How to Set Up

    • Day 4 - Racked KB Hold: the right way!

    • Day 5 - Step 1: Dead Clean

    • Day 6 - Step 2: Dead Clean

    • Day 7 - Step 3: Dead Clean (piecing it together!)

    • Day 8 - The “Down Phase”

    • Day 9 - How to Breathe

    • Day 10 - How to fix wrist slamming (Part 1)

    • Day 11 - How to fix wrist slamming (Part 2)

    • Day 12 - How to fix wrist slamming (Part 3)

    • Day 13: How to fix “salsa” hips (aka hip rotation)

    • Day 14: THE LAST DAY: Intentional Training

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    Next Steps...

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you!

    • Before you go...

Here's what to expect:

  • 14 instructional videos with step by step breakdown of KB Clean technique.

  • 12 technique focused practice sessions/ workouts.

  • Learn how to prevent KB slamming on wrists

  • Know how to troubleshoot common mistakes!


  • When does the course expire?

    Never! Once you purchase, you have lifetime acces.

  • Do I need 1 or 2 kettlebells?

    1 is highly recommended

  • I’m new to kettlebells, will this help me learn?

    YES! This is designed for you and everyone who wants to learn how to CLEAN clean safely with efficiency.

  • Will trainers benefit from this too?

    YES! You will learn how to teach the clean in 3 easy steps along with troubleshooting common mistakes.

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