If you are a personal trainer or health care professional who wants to develop a coaching eye, build the confidence to teach kettlebells to ANYONE, sharpen your own KB skills & see your business grow organically,


KBFC is a 12 week intensive course that will prepare you to understand the principles of human movement as they apply to kettlebells. You will come out feeling confident to teach, assess, cue and fix common kettlebell exercises you see on the daily! **Approved for CEUs with NSCA, NASM & ACE (pending)

Become the best Kettlebell Specialist in the Industry!

Next Group begins: January 2023

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As a clinician and trainer, I get it. There is A LOT of continuing ed out there and it may seem confusing to choose between them all!

let me help you out...

Here’s the reality:

If you want to become a GREAT coach, trainer or clinician...

Learn from a reputable coach who spent 10 years blending her knowledge as an Emergency Medicine PA-C & Strength Coach together into a cohesive learning experience! Sam worked with some of the best Physicians, kettlebell instructors and traveled the world teaching certifications to other coaches! As a Physician Assistant, CSCS, SFG II & RKC, Sam has a wealth of knowledge she wants to share with you! **Prevent yourself from making the same coaching mistakes she’s made in the past.**

"The KB Foundations Course will EXCEED your expectations!"

Words straight from the mouths of previous students! I surveyed the last 3 cohorts about their experience and here's what they have to say:

What made you sign up for the KBF Course?

"I trust you (Sam) you would teach me all of your knowledge about kettlebells and how I can better serve my clients! And you did, thank you!"

Do you feel more confident executing the KB Skills you learned?

"Yes, I understand many of the kettlebell exercises much better and I have never had such good explanations and instruction on technique and set up before. I still have a lot to learn though and I'm just looking forward to keep practicing."

Do you feel more confident executing the KB Skills you learned?

"So much more confident! I'm able to review my execution of the skills we covered, and others as well, and see clearly where I can improve. And then for the areas where I can improve, I actually know exactly what I should be doing and I know the drills and focus areas I should practice to help get me there! "

Do you feel comfortable coaching these skills to someone else?

"Yes! We learned the skill during the video tutorials, practiced with our video submissions, and reinforced during the live calls - such that I feel confident being in the teaching position!"

Do you feel comfortable coaching these skills to someone else?

"Absolutely. Before taking this course, I was only coaching swings with clients and wanted to expand my knowledge base to add cleans and snatches. I've begun coaching those movements. I feel like this course didn't just add to my knowledge base, it also provided confidence and trust in my own ability to coach and educate my clients."

Do you feel comfortable coaching these skills to someone else?

"Yes. Not only did my KB technique greatly improve, but you gave great instruction on how to coach someone else and trouble shoot with them. Also, I found your instruction great for clients that may not be doing kettlebells too. This course was awesome!!"

Do you feel you have a deeper understanding of human movement?

100%! Not just KB movement exclusively but overall, and my interest is sparked into continuing to dig deeper into this! One move at a time like you showed us so that concepts are easily digestible!"

Do you feel you have a deeper understanding of human movement?

"Absolutely!! The biggest thing I took away from this course was that all the "issues" I have experienced in the past 2-3 years as an athlete, from injuries or pain with running, areas of weakness with KBs, and certain KB exercises where my form can most improve (aka my salsa hips!) are all interconnected! And even better yet is I have the knowledge now to work on specific things to improve and become a better athlete in all those areas. This course has truly been so eye opening for me as an athlete and I couldn't be happier with the knowledge I have gained! "

Kettlebell Foundations is different than any other course you attended!

The 12 week experience is the most WELL ROUNDED kettlebell course that exists.

  • 12 LIVE Group Workouts

    aka "office hours" where you will have the opportunity to practice the skills you are learning with Sam's feedback at your fingertips! **NEW**

  • KB Programming

    Learn by doing! Get strong & track your progress in one of Sam's signature KB Strength Programs delivered in TrainHeroic App. **NEW**

  • 1:1 Personalized Technique Feedback

    Receive feedback from Sam on your weekly assignments focused to improve your own kettlebell skillset & growth!

  • 150+ Lectures & Lessons (self paced)

    Each week, a new chapter will be released with pre-recorded lectures, quizzes, assignments for you to complete prior to the coaching call.

This is your one stop shop for the latest kettlebell education. You will learn everything you need and more to feel confident with the kettlebell!

What you will get in KBFC...

  • 13 LIVE Group training sessions aka "office hours" prior to every coaching call to practice the skill of the week! **NEW** ($2500 value)

  • Follow along KB Program (via TrainHeroic App) **NEW** ($99 value)

  • Weekly Coaching Calls to dive into the course material, case studies & your own self-assessment! ($3500 value!)

  • Weekly self-guided videos with pre & post chapter quizzes assessing your knowledge ($2000 value!)

  • 1:1 KB skills & technique feedback for 12 video/ HW assignments ($1500 value)

  • 50% off Personal Training sessions for duration of the course ($200 value!)

  • Build a community with the top fitness professionals in this industry! You are with like minded peers who want to educate themselves - no more IG KB nonsense! (PRICELESS!)

  • Earn The Bell Mechanics Certificate of Completion + 1.5 CEU credits approved by NASM/AFAA & 1.6 CEU credits approved by NSCA

It's OKAY to be nervous! I'll support you the entire time and then some.

It's a BIG DEAL to invest in yourself and your business! I know you want to make the right decision and I also know hearing from past student's will help!

"I've learned so much more than I anticipated..."

Jenna Bodle

"I immediately got on the waitlist and I will say, I have NOT been disappointed with her course so far! 12 week course with weekly in-depth videos, quizzes, live lectures, homework assignments with direct feedback on our technique, and awesome support! I've learned so much more than I anticipated and have been able to implement the material immediately in my own training & also to help my clients improve their own skills/technique"

"KB Foundations is a game changer!"

Rachel Andrews

The KB Foundations Course is not only helping my training, but I've applied everything I've learned so far with my clients and it's been GAME CHANGING!

"KBF sharpens your coaching eye"

Jenny Lam

“What I love about Bell Mechanics is how Sam teaches us to see in a coaches eye and pin point anything that needs work”

"This course has truly been a game changer!"

Bridgette Karl

This course has been truly a game changer! I dropped the money and I have never looked back! It was the detailed beat by beat breakdown of each movement…when I am teaching classes or in a session, I see it! I have the answers and it is the coolest thing!

"This course has exceeded my expectations!"

Amanda Ranahan

“As a non-coach I signed up for this course to learn more about the science, mechanics and the why behind kettlebell movements. I can say this course has exceeded my expectations in every way! I learned so much about not just KB mechanics, but about breathing and movement in general”

"As a trainer, there was not one lesson where I didn't walk away learning something new"

Lauren Kanski

“From a trainer’s perspective, I’ve done everything under the sun, I speak this language all the time. There was not one lesson, module or part of this course where I didn’t walk away learning something new, refreshed, inspired, in some way to go apply this to all the people that I coach”

"Sam is a phenomenal coach!"

Jess Reilly

“Sam is a phenomenal coach! I knew since the day I met her I wanted to work with her. She knows what she is talking about, she’s humble and she knows how to run a group. You get to learn, get out of your comfort zone, ask questions and become a better coach as a whole”

"You'll be able to incorporate KB skills with CONFIDENCE!"

Kendra Turner

“This was an incredible course! GAME CHANGER for me. You will learn so much as a coach and MUCH more. You’ll be able to incorporate KB skills with confidence for YOUR personal workouts and for your clients. It’s a WIN WIN! Thanks Coach!”

"I decided to try what we learned...her back was happy again!"

Merav Zecharia Gueta

“I have a client who suffers from low back pain every time she lifts heavy weights. I decided to try what we learned in our two sessions with breathing, loaded beast exercise and what a miracle it did! Her back was happy again & we continued training with no pain. Thank you so much!”

It’s time to change the fitness industry’s standards!

If you are a fitness professional or clinician that wants to learn the latest information on proper kettlebell biomechanics, breathing techniques, client/self assessment & programming, this course is for you!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter 1: Breathing & Positioning

  • 3

    Chapter 2: KB Deadlift

  • 4

    Chapter 3: KB Swing

    • Pre-Chapter Quiz

    • The Set Up: Stance

    • The Set Up: Posterior Weight Shift

    • Mechanics of the Swing

    • The Hike Back

    • How to breathe

    • Demo: How to breathe

    • KB Pearl: "X" Marks the Spot

    • KB Pearl: How to fix a shallow Hinge

    • KB Pearl: How to fix swing posture

    • KB Pearl: How to fix timing of swing

    • Post-Chapter Quiz

    • Practice Session: KB Swing

    • LIVE Recording

    • Presentation Notes

  • 5

    Chapter 4: KB Clean

    • Pre-Chapter Quiz

    • What is the ideal racked position?

    • KB Clean biomechanics

    • Dead Clean: Step 1

    • Dead Clean: Step 2

    • Swing Clean: Step 1 (mid-pull)

    • Swing Clean: Step 2 (mid-pull to racked)

    • Swing Clean: Step 3: (down phase)

    • KB Clean (SLOW MO)

    • How to Breathe

    • How to gage power output

    • Pro Tip: keep a loose grip!

    • Pro Tip: stay in your lane!

    • Pro Tip: tame the arc

    • Post-Chapter Quiz

    • Practice Session: KB Clean

    • LIVE Recording

    • Presentation Notes

  • 6

    Chapter 5: Military Press

    • Pre-Chapter Quiz

    • Review of Racked Position

    • Hand Placement for a Strong Press

    • Overhead Mobility: Self Assessment

    • OH Mobility Drill 1: Posterior Ribcage Expansion

    • OH Mobility Drill 2: Anterior Ribcage Expansion (Child's Pose)

    • OH Mobility Drill 3: Side Lying Thoracic Rotation

    • Pathway of Military Press

    • Breathing to Maximize your Press

    • KB Pearl: Hip shift, don't lean

    • KB Pearl: Tension Irradiation

    • To Press or Not to Press

    • Post-Chapter Quiz

    • Practice Session: Military Press

    • LIVE Recording

    • Presentation Slides

  • 7

    Chapter 6: KB Snatch

    • Pre-Chapter Quiz

    • Step 1: Power in Hips

    • Biomechanics Reviewed

    • Technique Drill: High Pull vs Goose-Neck

    • Timing: When to Snatch & Catch

    • Snatch: Down Phase

    • How to Breathe

    • Post-Chapter Quiz

    • Practice Session: KB Snatch

    • We are halfway! Testimonials!

    • Presentation Notes

    • LIVE Recording

  • 8

    Chapter 7: Squats

    • Pre-Chapter Quiz

    • What is a Squat?

    • The importance of joint alignment

    • How to set up & common limitations

    • Set Up: When to use a Heel Lift

    • Squat Assessment: What to look/feel for?

    • Squat Assessment: Hinge vs. Butt Wink

    • How to Fix: a Butt Wink or 'Hingey' Squat

    • Squat Assessment: Bouncing Squats

    • How to Fix: a Bouncing Squat

    • How to Breathe

    • Breathing Mechanics Explained

    • Demo: Breathing Variations

    • Breathing with Heart Conditions

    • Level 1: Goblet Squat

    • Level 2: KBx2 Front Racked

    • Level 3: KBx1 Front Racked

    • Level 4: Overhead Squat

    • Demo: Squat Variations (L1-L3)

    • Squat Variations: Stance (L1-L4)

    • Post-Chapter Quiz

    • Practice Session: KB Front Squat

    • Presentation Notes

    • LIVE Recording

  • 9

    Chapter 8: Turkish Get Up

    • Pre-Chapter Quiz

    • Turkish Get Up Demo

    • The Set Up: Introduction

    • The Set Up: Part 1

    • The Set Up: Part 2

    • The Set Up: Part 3

    • Step 1: Shoulder Activation

    • Step 1: Executing the Roll

    • Common Mistake: Leg Lift

    • Common Mistake: Rib Flare

    • Step 2: "Squish the Bug"

    • Step 3: The Hover

    • Step 3: Hover to 1/2 Windmill

    • Step 4: Transitioning to 1/2 Kneeling

    • Step 5: 1/2 Kneeling to Standing

    • Step 6: Let's go back down!

    • Common Mistake: No Space!

    • Common Mistake: Relaxed Shoulder

    • Post-Chapter Quiz

    • KB Practice Session: Turkish Get Up

    • Presentation Notes

    • LIVE Recording

  • 10

    Chapter 9: Double KB Skills

    • Pre-Chapter Quiz

    • Set Up: Widen your Stance

    • Deadlift: How to Hold your Bells

    • Double KB Swing: Which grip is best for you?

    • Double KB Clean

    • Double KB Snatch

    • Post-Chapter Quiz

    • Practice Session: Double Kettlebells

    • Presentation Notes

    • LIVE Recording

  • 11

    Chapter 10: Intro to KB Athletics

    • Pre-Chapter Quiz

    • Rotational Clean

    • Rotational Military Press

    • Split Clean: Level 1

    • Split Clean: Level 2

    • Split Snatch: Level 1&2

    • Walking KB Swing

    • Post-Chapter Quiz

    • Practice Session: Non-traditional KB Exercises

    • LIVE Recording

    • Presentation Notes

  • 12

    Chapter 11: Push Up/ Pull Up

    • Pre-Chapter Quiz

    • Push Up: Demo

    • Set Up: Plank

    • Set Up: Hand Positioning

    • Incline Push Up: Explained

    • Incline Push Up: Level 1

    • Incline Push Up: Level 2

    • Pull Ups: Step 1

    • Pull Ups: Step 2

    • Pull Ups: Step 3

    • Pull up Strength: Active Negatives

    • Pull up Strength: Concentric Pull

    • Post-Chapter Quiz

    • Practice Session: Push/ Pull Up

    • Presentation Notes

    • LIVE Recording

  • 13

    Chapter 12: How to Program for Success!

    • KB Programming: The Basics

    • End of Course Testimonials!

    • LIVE Recording: Programming Part I

    • LIVE Recording: Programming Part II

    • Programming Templates

    • Programming Presentation Slides

  • 14

    Final Exam

    • Final Exam

    • Next Steps!

Approved for 1.5 CEU's with NASM/AFAA & 1.6 CEU's with NSCA


  • Is this a self-guided course?

    It can be, but I truly believe to you will get the most out this course by attending the weekly calls (& recordings). The new chapter's material will be released on Friday every week!

  • How much time should I allot for every week?

    Save 3 Hours out of your week to walk through the self-guided lectures, quizzes & submit your homework assignments. *You are welcome to spend more time as needed!

  • How many kettlebells do I need?

    1, but 2 is recommended! Since this is an educational course, you need them for your assignments & practice sessions. A whole set is not necessary!

  • Can I still get my Certificate & CEUs if I don’t pass the Exam?

    You will get your Certificate of Completion but you need to pass with 80% or more for the CEUs

  • Do I have to be a Trainer/ fitness professional to attend?

    Nope! This course is for those who want to take their knowledge to the next level & apply it to kettlebells. There are sections designated for trainers who want to get better at coaching/programming with the reward of CEU credits.

  • Do I get to keep the course?

    You have access to the course 30 days after it’s completed. You can sign up for the Bell Mechanics Membership for unlimited access to all the courses and up-to-date tutorials , group workouts & coaching calls!

  • Is there a refund policy?

    I am confident you will learn at least one key concept you can apply to yourself or your client every week! If you put in the work, attend most of the calls, participate in group discussions, quizzes and still did not learn anything…I will refund you.

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