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Tutorial Outline

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    KB Snatch Tutorial

    • Day 1: Overhead Mobility Assessment

    • Day 1: Overhead Stability Drills

    • Day 2: The Set Up

    • Day 3: Snatch "UP" Technique

    • Day 4: Snatch "DOWN" Technique

    • Day 5: Power in the "Pop"

    • Day 6: How to Breathe

    • Day 7: The Snatch Test

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    Next Steps...

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What to Expect

In the next 7 day, expect to learn how to:

  • Test & Assess for Overhead Mobility

  • Implement Mobility & Stability Drills to help prepare you for snatching

  • Snatch without slamming the wrist

  • The importance of hip drive & power output to make your snatches crisp!

  • breathe while snatching

Improve your Snatch in just 7 days

Learn the principles behind snatching & apply them to your own practice!


  • Where can I find the KB Tutorial?

    When you sign up, you will be prompted to create an account on & you will see it on our dashboard when you sign in!

  • Do I need 1 or 2 kettlebells?

    1 is highly recommended. Since this is a tutorial, you will not be assigned workouts requiring 2 kettlebells!

  • I am new to kettlebells, will this help me learn?

    This is designed for YOU and everyone else who wants to learn how to Snatch safely and with efficiency!

  • Will trainers/coaches/clinicians benefit from this too?

    YES! The tutorials are designed in a way for you to learn how to coach someone through a snatch whether they are a beginner or advanced!

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